Yoga — teachers


Our wonderful teachers bring a world of knowledge to guide each practice and to ultimately assist with the cultivation of movement and harmony in each class.


Blanche Alexander

Previously a ballroom dancer, Blanche experienced a profound shift in her state of mind, physical wellbeing and confidence as a result her own daily practice. This inspired Blanche to begin her yoga teaching journey 4 years ago.Bringing attention and understanding to the flow of her movement helped create enhanced balance and strength, leading to more creativity and expression in her life.

Blanche has a passion for anatomy and the physical asana practice, but ultimately loves teaching as it has the ability to connect people with their own body and being. Holding a space for people to feel empowered whilst finding calm and clarity.


Bobby Hancock

After developing a strong, disciplined, and consistent practice, Bobby transitioned from a career in construction into yoga. Once Bobby made the move from Perth to Melbourne, he completed his 200-hour teacher training with Power Living Australia, under the guidance of Chris Wilson and Cassie Lee. He has completed an additional 75Hr advanced teaching and leadership skills mentorship with Duncan Peak and Adam Whiting, and 30Hr yin yoga training with Hugh Lee.

Bobby brings a warm, grounding energy to his classes and is passionate about encouraging students to dive into the self-transformation that yoga provides. He accompanies his flows with upbeat and energetic playlists, and is humbled to share his love of yoga with the Fort Green yogis.


Chris Dixon

Chris is a passionate teacher who has a deep love and appreciation for the yoga practice. One of his greatest gifts as a teacher is working with individual students in an accessible and in-depth manner.

Chris' love and joy for Yoga has led him for many years into different styles and depths. He has studied and taught internationally (United States, Australia, India & Thailand) and has been inspired to bring an awareness into practice which ranges from yoga therapy to advanced asana – incorporating meditation, mindfulness, and accessible ways to balance and centre in the modern world.

Inspired by over a decade of practice, Chris teaches a broad range of practice integrating traditional and contemporary approach including: vinyasa, slow flow, yin, from Beginners to Advanced. His classes draw on inspiration from classical understanding of the practice to encourage mindfulness, functional movement and philosophy.


Laura Johnson

Laura first discovered the power of yoga whilst travelling and living abroad in the United States in 2009. It was in the busy, heated studios in San Francisco and New York where Laura experienced a sense of home and community that inspired her to follow the path of teaching yoga.

In 2013, Laura moved from Perth to study power Vinyasa with Duncan Peak. Now residing in Melbourne, Laura considers herself very fortunate to share her yoga light with others. Currently studying Osteopathy, Laura incorporates her knowledge of anatomy and human movement into her classes, while simultaneously encouraging creativity and play.


Christy Champoise

A local to the west coast of Canada, Christy has a passion for health and studied Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for 4 years. It was during her studies that Christy started practicing Ashtanga to such a degree that her passion for teaching surfaced.

Christy is currently practising Karma Yoga, working as a Volunteer Coordinator for the non-profit Cultural Yoga Project, which offers yoga and community to refugees and asylum seekers. Christy's class style aims to offer ways of achieving balanced strength and mobility to improve performance, thus leading to better physical and mental health. Yoga to her is about overall freedom for body and mind with the opportunity for self reflection and continued growth.


Lucienne Di Tempora

Lucienne started her journey into yoga and meditation at 7 years of age. Now, with over 400 hours of certificated study behind her and hundreds more ahead, Lucienne dedicates her life to studying and self-practice to share the knowledge and wisdom she has discovered with her students (and anyone that’ll listen!). Lucienne specialises in Yin Yoga and Mindfulness and teaches a blissful Slow Flow in our studio.

Expect to be physically and mentally challenged in Lucienne’s classes as she aims for parallel strengthening between the mind and body.


Elle Kiffer

Elle's classes connect the dots between mind and movement. Offering creative yet challenging sequences for all levels of yogis. Elle's teaching style is fun, strong and dynamic with a focus on breath, self love and compassion. Elle invites you to explore your own practice with a playful twist, empowering you to be the best version of yourself.

Experiencing the benefits of yoga first hand, Elle sees the practice of yoga as a therapy for the mind. She was able to find a sense of calmness through her practice, amongst the hustle and bustle of living in the city that never sleeps. Yoga plays a huge role in Elle's daily life, and after completing her 200 hour teaching training in NYC, she knew that she wanted to share her passion and knowledge with the world. Curious and inquisitive, this little yogi teaches with an open mind and an open heart.


Angela Bode

Originally, from Germany Ange and has been living on Australia’s shores for over seven years now. Ange completed her training at Melbourne’s Australian Yoga Academy in 2016 (RYT-350 hrs) and is about to complete further yoga studies with Ihana Yoga in St Kilda (+ RYT-150 hrs).

With over 10 years of yoga practice under her belt, Ange loves to create a space for others to grow their practice and discover a true home within themselves. Ange’s classes are inspired by free and natural movements, with a pinch of curiosity, compassion and most importantly, laughter. Outside the yoga studio, Ange is a service designer and loves to travel.


Bannie Williams

Bannie is the co-founder of Fort Green and prides herself on ensuring her classes are accessible, progressive and ultimately an uplifting experience for yogis of all levels. Bannie has practiced yoga for 6 years and believes yoga is an incredible way to give back to oneself and to cultivate calmness and productivity into day-to-day life.

Having since completed her 200 YTT training with Jessie Fenech (Grow School Yoga), Bannie has a fundamental grasp on both the ancient and contemporary practices of yoga.

Bannie teaches Vinyasa Flow and her style encompasses fluidity between the mind and body combined with upbeat tunes. Expect energising and balanced sequences sprinkled with Bannie’s supportive and grounded nature.