Yoga — about

Fort Green is committed to creating an uplifting and personal experience in our studio. We welcome and encourage yogis of all levels to embrace the joy of yoga with us. 


Studio Philosophy
Nothing but happy times and yoga in our studio! Whether you’re a beginner or practice regularly, fall in love with our space and join our community of yogis!

Our studio is committed to creating an uplifting and personal experience in each class. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and welcome all levels of experience to embrace the joy of yoga with us. 

Our wonderful teachers bring a world of knowledge to guide our members through each practice. We are lucky to have some of the best and most experienced teachers teach in our studio!

We understand that yoga can be intimidating, which is why we like to be on a first name basis with our members and are driven to create a supportive and welcoming community. 

Our Space
Fort Green Yoga is located above our health food cafe in the heart of Northcote. The design aesthetic is inspired by a New York City loft – the sun streamed space features timber floor boards, fresh white walls adorned with a 10 metre mirror and of course, live greenery. 

The studio also provides clients with yoga mats and equipment as well as beautiful change rooms with shower facilities. Each class is capped to a maximum of 25 students, to ensure correct alignment is maintained in a boutique environment. 

Additionally, Fort Green also has an experienced Osteopath and Pyscho-therapist on site. Fort Green yoga memberships also include perks within the cafe to ensure a complete experience at this urban wellness oasis.


Fort Green — Class Styles

Vinyasa Flow
Our 60 minute Vinyasa Flow classes combine movement with breath in a dynamic and fluid way. Vinyasa Flow classes typically cultivate strength and flexibility in the body whilst incorporating pranayama (breath) techniques to calm the mind. Our 60 minute classes are suitable for yogis of all levels, but tend to be a more fast pace style than our other classes.

Yin yoga is an Ancient practice which focuses on deep tissue release and restoration within the muscles. Yin classes consist of a series of long-held and often prop supported floor poses, which work into the hips, pelvis, shoulders and spine. Our 60 minute Yin classes are a beautiful way to relax the mind and body and embrace stillness. Suitable for all levels.

Beginners Flow
Our 60 minute Beginners Flow classes are a wonderful introduction to Vinyasa yoga, or for yogis keen to explore the foundations of poses and posture. Classes incorporate the breath and movement in a dynamic way to strengthen and energize the body and nourish the mind.

Our Mat Pilates classes are suitable for all levels of experience. With emphasises on core and mobility, this 60 minute class helps builds control of the spine and body. 

Slow Flow
An opportunity to slow things down and practice a Vinyasa Flow at a steady pace. Slow Flow is restorative and rejuvenating for the mind and body and an opportunity to focus on the breath combined with fluid and dynamic movement. Our Slow Flow classes can be a great introduction to Vinyasa classes, yet still ofter a challenge for those after a strong practice.

Please note, some of our Slow Flow and Yin classes run for 75 minutes. Please check the time table for class times and duration.